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A website is essential….

The Internet is full of different kinds of websites serving different purpose. A corporate website is the sole representation of a company on the Internet. It’s not just conveys what the company does with a combination of visuals, graphics and content, reveals how big or small the company is. Hence, an appropriate website is quite important for every organization. In the case of an e-commerce firm, the website is the main interface of the company to its customers and helps drive the business.

Website Development – There is much more to it…

Requirement Gathering The process of creating a website involves understanding the basic need of the client, before anything else. If the vital information provided by the client is missing, then the final result would not satisfy the requirement of the client. Proper methods of gathering the requirements, is therefore mandatory.

Creative Design

While ready-made templates, available for free on the Internet, can serve the purpose of any organization, using these cheap templates to develop its corporate website can be suicidal for the commercial organization which needs to attract customer and investors.   The creativity in the design and content isn’t just separating the corporate website of a company from its competitors but helps attract customers and creates a sense of interest in its investors.


There are some important factors involved in helping a website to function as per the expectation, like –
  • The bandwidth (speed) of the Internet-connection which depends on its type
  • Varying functionalities of different browser ( functional differences between Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome for instance)
  • The type of visual and graphic content used on the website ( the JPEG format is much lighter and downloads faster than the bitmap format of the same image)
Thus, Optimization and fine-tuning the website, so that it can be easily opened on multiple browsers and the slowest of the connections, is an integral part of professional website development.  


All the functionalities used on the website have to work in co-ordination. Also, the final product has to comply with all important global standards. Hence, different types of testing methods have to be deployed to find flaws and fix them, while the prototype is thoroughly checked for compliance.  

How WEBHUGH makes a difference to your website…

  • We at WEBHUGH, understand your needs better, simply because we pay better attention to your wants. The requirements are analyzed carefully and discussed at length with the client, to remove misconception, if any.
  • Our Creative-Team, comprising of senior Image Consultants and Design Experts deliver the best designs, exactly required for your company.
  • The Expert Analysis team, which has the most experienced developers, analyzes the visual, graphical, technical and textual content to achieve the best optimization levels.
  • Stringent methodologies for testing are followed by our Testing-team to make the final product error-free and perfectly compliant with global standards.
  • All this, at a very attractive price, combined with best deadline-adherence levels in the industry, makes WEBHUGH the final destination of our clients.
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