Delivery Model

Delivery and Deployment Methodology

WebHugh has very high quality of delivery model which simplifies the process of Capability-sourcing and make use of every advantage of outsourcing. Essentially, we have categorized them as follows:
  • Project-wise Delivery Methodology
  • Dedicated Deployment of Resource Methodology

Project-wise Delivery Methodology

You can obtain a Free Quotation by providing the requirements of your client to us. Also, you can choose to conceal the name of the End-Client if you want to. While we send you a quote of say $795, you would be free to charge the client as per your company policy, say $5000. Once the deal is finalized and the necessary paper-work is done, you can proceed by sending in the project details. While we keep you updated with the daily progress, you in-turn can keep your client informed and pass on the feed back to us, on a day-to-day basis. This way, you can make huge profits, without having to invest on resources big-time and save yourself from the technical and operational hassles. Also, with the latest cost-effective technology for internal communication, you can even save on the communication cost. Thus, as our business-relations would grow, we would be able to achieve our bottom-line through the regular projects you provide, while you can make huge profit by simply bringing in the work.

Dedicated Deployment of Resource Methodology

This Methodology, which is as simple as the above, facilitates you to take on projects on a large scale. You are then enabled to deliver them to your clients across the globe, from our Production Floor here. By having a dedicated team working on each project, we at Webhugh would perform the end-to-end management, right from the appointing the dedicated resources to delivery of the projects on your behalf. This way you are ensured of complete peace of mind – both in terms of appointing and engaging the resource and delivering projects on time. Thus, this methodology allows you to keep your operational costs at a minimal and have high ratio of profitability.