Legal Notice

WebHughTM Website Legal Policy.

This legal notice is applicable to the website.

The website design is Copyright © 2012 WebHugh Technologies LLP. WebHugh Technologies LLP vigorously defends the copyright of its web design. Those websites that are deemed to have infringed our copyright and plagarised our website design can expect legal action to be taken against them.

The website content is Copyright © 2012 WebHugh Technologies LLP. WebHugh Technologies LLP checks for content that has been plagiarized from WebHugh Technologies LLP on a monthly basis using paid for third party copyright protection tools. Action will be taken against those companies and/or individuals that have website copy using a paid for and proven legal service.

In addition to the removal of any infringing content or design, WebHugh Technologies LLP reserves the right to request damages for any copyright infringement.

Where any third-party elements have been used on the website, WebHugh Technologies LLP has the required licenses for the use of such images, or the permission of the third-party. website content can only be used with written permission signed by a CEO of the Company.

If you have any questions regarding our legal notice, or wish to request the use of the text on our website, please use our contact form so we can consider your request.

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