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Safe Outsourcing of IT services

Safe Outsourcing of IT services can be lucrative and any company which earns its daily-bread through it will readily provide its numerous advantages to you. Yes, there are for sure, immense advantages associated with Outsourcing, which continue to evolve with every passing minute. However, with these advantages, come the pitfalls. Well, no Outsourcing-Provider company would ever tell you about these pitfalls though, eventually leading to distrust among the parties involved and resulting in an awful experience to each one of them. This is where a company driven by ethics and values like WebHugh can make a difference. Out of our rich experience in handling the outsourcing tasks, we have created substantial documented learning, that will benefit any company that is considering to outsource IT related projects to countries like India, thus informing the clients of the pitfalls of certain processes/procedures beforehand and also educating them on how to avoid them in advance. The following are the usual pitfalls in outsourcing and WebHugh’s solutions to them using indigenous methodologies and risk mitigation strategies that focus on best practices for IT related outsourcing -  

Pitfall 1) Reluctance towards changes to Business Process

Solution : WebHugh’s “Minimal Influence on Business Process” Policy

The Business process of every company is the foundation on which it has evolved and has eventually succeeded. Any drastic changes to it invites moderate to very high-levels of resistance from the clients. We at WebHugh, respect these sentiments and so have derived the Minimal Influence Policy Model. These models aims at “working around” and not “working-through” the client’s Business process, focusing on minimum or no changes, wherever possible. However, if certain changes cannot be avoided, then we go ahead and take into confidence all the parties involved, before proceeding with these changes.  

Pitfall 2) Project details and Requirement Hand-over Time

Solution: Our Dedicated Account-Management Policy – The WebHugh Advantage

Experts sometime advise against outsourcing small-scale and short-term projects as it can be time-consuming to pass-on the details gathered from the original-client to the Outsourcing-Service Provider. We at WebHugh, have an ensemble of teams comprising of seasoned-professionals. As per our policy, we deploy a dedicated Account-Management team to each of the projects, irrespective of the time and scale. The dedicated-Account-management team, specialized in requirement gathering and analyses, helps in bringing down the cost and time of even the shortest and the smallest project. Although this approach is recommended for long-term projects, we at WebHugh, with our immense expertise in this field, have utilized this approach to derive huge profits even for small and medium size projects.  

Pitfall 3) Investment on Cultural Training to reduce cultural discrepancies.

Solution: Readily trained personnel save cost. This is where WebHugh makes a difference.

At WebHugh, we hire only the skilled and qualified talent already having global exposure. Rest assured, they are re-trained to gain maximum proficiency in handling issues arising out of domestic and global cultural differences, both internally as well as with our clients. That separates and elevates WebHugh from the crowd.  

Pitfall 4) Attrition at vendor’s place can affect the progress of the project

Solution: The Streamlined Task-wise Documentation Routine (STDR) to achieve Resource-independence and Employee-Amity HR Policy to minimize attrition.

Perfect Work Culture and Internal harmony have resulted not only minimizing attrition at WebHugh but also attracting talented individuals. Again, the Streamlined Task-wise Documentation Routine (STDR) we follow at WebHugh, documents every single detail related to the project, helping us to reduce the risk of delays or mistakes, which could arise due to unavoidable change in personnel responsible for that project.  

Pitfall  5) Data Protection and Security of Client’s Confidential information

Solution: Our Stringent Data Protection Policy combined with 5 Levels IT Security capability – advantage WebHugh

We at WebHugh, are committed to preserving the privacy of client’s information and ensure it protection by setting and following high standards of security. The Data Protection Policy followed at WebHugh complies with to all major International standards, while our 5 level of IT Security ensures impenetrable web of safeness. The following is the gist of the security guidelines followed at WebHugh for handling client’s information –
  • To be obtained and processed fairly and lawfully and shall not be processed unless certain conditions are met.
  • To be obtained for a specified and lawful purpose and shall not be processed in any manner incompatible with that purpose.
  • Should be adequate, relevant and not excessive for those purposes.
  • Should not be kept longer than is necessary for that purpose.
  • To be processed in accordance with the data subject’s rights.
  • To be kept safe from accidental loss or destruction.
  • To be kept and disposed of safely, and in accordance with the company policy.
  • Only Authorized Personnel, designated in relevant areas, to have access to it.
  • Zero Tolerance Policy towards anyone found not complying with the stated guidelines.
  • The 5 Level of IT Security at WebHugh is as follows – 1.      Risk Management Framework 2.      Logging, Monitoring and Reporting 3.      Virtual Perimeters 4.      Platform Security 5.      Identity and Access Privilege Management
- See more at: http://www.webhugh.com/blog/safe-outsourcing-how-to-avoid-pitfalls-of-outsourcing-2.html#sthash.LfIIjPDm.dpuf