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Deployment Process

Deployment Mapping Regulations and Process Charting at WebHugh.

Let’s talk about Deployment Process at Webhugh. In order to assess your business needs, while helping you define the scope and objectives of the project, we at WebHugh follow a set of stringent regulations. These procedures have been evolved over a period of time, utilizing our past and present experience with our clientele. The process mainly focuses on a close coordination between our Technical and Creative Teams with our clients.

Stage I: Initial Briefing and Project Initiation

Once the initial briefing of the project is received and we swiftly move to finalize all aspects outreach of the user, re-branding (if necessary) and positioning, applications, content and the design. We execute a Five-step model during this stage:
  • Analysis of Ideas and Creative Briefing
  • Research of Keyword & Scrutinizing
  • Structuring of Application
  • Analysis of similar or competitor websites
  • Finalization of Text and Image Content

Stage II: Aesthetic Designing of Home Page

The face of your company is the Home page of your website and so we exercise special diligence in creating and designing it. Once the creative brief is received, the team specializing in Creativity gets onto conceptualizing and structuring it. This being the most critical phase of practical website development, as this is the primary interface with the user our designers follows a Total-Error-Free (TEF) Compliance for designing this page.

Stage III: Web page Design Approval

We believe in Customer-Delight and not just satisfaction. Only if the design of the Home page decided by our creative team is approved by you, that we start working on sub-pages. Else Stage II gets repeated.

Stage IV: Gathering of Static Content from the Client

Static content which usually includes Info of the company, Products and Services, Teams and Hierarchy, Contact info etc is acquired.

Stage V: Development of Static Pages

This stage includes merging of the static content with the visuals and creative content of the website.

Stage VI: Feedback and Suggestions

Once the static content on the website is merged with the layout of the web pages, we take a through feed-back from our clients and the necessary improvements and changes are made as per the suggestions. Our Development department then takes over the task for application development.

Stage VII: Development & Integration

This particular stage involves our Technology Team which develops the required application for the website. Applications range from Shopping Carts to Currency Converters, from Administrator Control Panels to Easy-to-Use Content Management Systems depending on user’s needs. Once the required application is developed, it is integrated onto the website for prototype testing.

Stage VIII: Testing of Prototype & Approval

Following the integration of the applications with the website, an exhaustively process of testing begins which ensures that the application to meets all the customer requirements and removes all ‘bugs’.

Stage IX: Launch of Beta version & Client Feedback

Once the client has approved the applications on the website, our team then makes a beta launch of the website with live functioning of the application(s).

Stage X: SEO Initiation and Final Launch