Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

There is no doubt that search engine optimization has a lot of benefits. A lot of companies don’t pay any attention towards SEO but they keep spending a lot of money on other marketing techniques and strategies. If you want to progress in the online world as a small business then you cannot keep the SEO aside. A website is of no use that is not visible in search engine results. Continue reading

Web Design Latest Trends

Latest Trends in Website Design 2013 – Responsive Design & Typography

With new advancements in web design industry, the designs of websites are getting improved day by day because of the latest trends in website design 2013. Those web designs that were considered best of all a few years ago are nowhere to be seen in the market. This industry is not only witnessing a lot of competition but major advancement as well. If you want to get your website re designed then not only you should hire a good web development company for this purpose but you should also know about the latest trends in web design industry too. Continue reading

Article Writing Tips
Seo Company Bangalore

Advantage of SEO for Local Business Company

In today’s world, SEO is very important. No company can survive in the online world without proper SEO of their website and business pages. We cannot ignore advantage of SEO that you can enjoy being a business owner or local company marketing owner. In this post, we are going to tell you about some of the best advantages that a person/ company can avail by using services of a good SEO company.

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Guidelines For a Successful Website Development

Best Web Development, Web Design and SEO Company

Once you have decided to build a new website or a upgrade the existing one, you have to decide which company is the best web development,  web design and SEO company that can give you the best result at the most competitive price possible. In order make such a decision, you would have first make a precise list. The list would contain the name of the website development company or the website design company, the time it would take to complete the project and the total cost break-up. Once the list is ready, you can analyze and reach on a conclusion that would help you make the perfect decision. However, the parameters based on which you have reached may always not be absolute. Therefore, a profound understanding of these parameters is necessary before making the final decision. Continue reading

Safe Outsourcing WebHugh

Safe Outsourcing: How to avoid Pitfalls of Outsourcing

Safe Outsourcing of IT services can be lucrative and any company which earns its daily-bread through it will readily provide its numerous advantages to you. Yes, there are for sure, immense advantages associated with Outsourcing, which continue to evolve with every passing minute.

However, with these advantages, come the pitfalls.

Well, no Outsourcing-Provider company would ever tell you about these pitfalls though, eventually leading to distrust among the parties involved and resulting in an awful experience to each one of them. This is where a company driven by ethics and values like WebHugh can make a difference.

Out of our rich experience in handling the outsourcing tasks, we have created substantial documented learning, that will benefit any company that is considering to outsource IT related projects to countries like India, thus informing the clients of the pitfalls of certain processes/procedures beforehand and also educating them on how to avoid them in advance. Continue reading


Pros & Cons of Warrantless e-mail Access by National Governments in Near Future

Here are the pros & cons of warrantless e-mail access by national governments in near future. With Senators in the United States pushing for the bill which allows Federal Agencies to access people’s private e-mail on the basis of security, a precedent would be set for the governments of other nations and in the near future, this could even become a global law.

The argument that such a step is a departure from Democracy and Civil Liberties of people across the world is understandable. Above that, Sen. Leahy’s proposal to carry-out the task without a warrant, adds to the woes of already agitated Americans.

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The Power Of Internet

Let’s talk about the Power of Internet. If Social Media is used to influence opinions like the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, then the wars in the future would be fought on the Internet. The Third World War (WWIII), if and when it happens, could easily be called the “the First World-Wide-Web War (WWWWI)” or “the First Internet War (iW1)”.

Twitter, Facebook and the other social networks have suddenly been converted into a battleground, on which the war of hashtags and tweets is being fought by Israel and Palestine, emulating their current ongoing military-conflict. This has set precedence and a bad-one though, for the armies to use the Internet as a weapon, a tool to spread their agenda. Continue reading